New Technology for Pacemaker Recipients

Dr. Kian Ehsan, MD, FACC is a practicing member of Cardiology Specialists of Acadiana and is the first interventional cardiologist to place the first wireless, small implantable pacemaker in the Lafayette, LA area. He is the first interventional and non-EP cardiologist to become a Proctor/Instructor in placing the world’s smallest wireless pacemaker with 100% success rate. The critieria for this new technology is limited to patients who only require pacing in the ventricle and usually seen in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation who develop tachy brady syndrome. The procedure itself takes less than an hour, and the patient can be discharged home 2 hours after the procedure. There are no limitations to the patient activity compared to the old-fashioned pacemakers. The small, nickle size pacer is delivered via a small incision to the femoral vein and placed inside the heart with no wires. There is no wire, no incision on the chest wall, no limitations to arm activity after the procedure, and mininum to none post procedure discomfort.

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